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1.1 Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD Oil?

The simple answer is no. Although the cannabinoid CBD is processed from the Industrial Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), Hemp Oil only contains trace amounts of CBD. Be careful when purchasing products like 7,500mg Hemp Oil as it will normally contain no beneficial CBD. Industrial Hemp only contains 0.3% THC or less.

1.2 Full Spectrum vs. Isolate vs. Broad Spectrum

We get asked this a lot. Let's try to break it down a bit.

Full Spectrum

This type of CBD product contains all the beneficial parts of the plant including the terpenes. This has the most benefits as it's taken as nature intended. Full Spectrum products will have 0.3% THC or less.


This type of CBD product is processed down to a pure form of CBD with a purity of over 99%, although it is still very effective it is less effective than the Full Spectrum. Isolate contains no THC.

Broad Spectrum

This type of CBD product is a combination of Full Spectrum and Isolate but without the THC. Broad Spectrum contains no THC.

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